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                                       I’m writing on behalf of  Mr. J. Rob Jones at Spirit Financial to attest to his character, qualifications, personal service, and      
                                       performance.  Mr. Jones has always been a caring person that goes out of his way to share both his tax  and personal    
                                       knowledge in order to help everyone so that they can grow within themselves, families, and businesses.  He is undoubtedly              
                                       an asset to us            

                                       Johnny Arnette
                   Johnnys Trucking, LLC
                             Sanford, NC     

                                       J. Rob Jones at Spirit Financial is a highly experienced business  & tax consultant.  Mr. Jones has been a wealth of knowledge 
                                       for me and a great resource who's always available to answer questions and offer sound advice.  I highly recommend him if    
                                       you're looking for a  business partner who can guide you to the next level---            

                                       Tracye Robinson                                        
                                       TR Sells Homes

                             Dallas, TX    

                                       Mr. Jones, I want to thank you for telling me  about SBA business Funding.  If  I had not been notified by u about applying 
                                       for loan:  I may not be in business today.  Thank you for your wisdom,  plus; being a great tax and business adviser.  Keep 
                                       up the good work!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
                                       Louis Greene

                   Louis Greene Trucking, Inc.
                             Franklinton, NC    

                                       Words can't  express the gratitude I have for Mr. Jones.  After experiencing my  fair share of bad tax consultants, I can see            
                                       why Mr. Jones stands out as the best.  He is extremely professional, knowledgeable and effective.  With his help, my tax            
                                       problems are effectively being chiseled away and I'm extremely grateful for him.     

                                       Katherine Henderson
                   Kompact Place, Inc
                             Morrisville, NC  

                                       J. Rob Jones has been  our accountant for the past 15 years.  He has provided exceptional customer service and his attention to
                                      detail has
been very beneficial on completing our tax returns in a timely manner.                 

                                       Sharlene Sumpter
                   Lakeside of Whiteville, Inc.
                             Whiteville, NC  

                                       As a senior partner for Step One Research,  I have  worked with  Spirit Financial on several  business development projects.  
                                       They were instructmental in assisting us with our California Relocation.

                                       Jarvis L. Lessane     
                   Step One Research
                             Concord, NC  

                                       J. Rob Jones of Spirit Financial is a man after GOD's Heart.  We have experienced tax problems with IRS.  He has help us out; 
                                       plus, showing
us strategies for getting out of debt..  He has been a friend and business partner for over 15 years; keeping us  
                                       updated on how we can grow.

                                       Odessa Johnson
                   OJ Office Service
                             Timberlake, NC  

                                       We have been with Spirit Financial for more than16 years and are highly pleased.  Mr. Jones is a professional at his craft.  He 
                                       serves with integrity and gives each client the 1-on-1 attention they deserve.  We are forever gratful to him for being there for us 
                                       and for representing our  business with excellence.

                                       Crystal Davis
                   E&C Cleaning Srevice, Inc. 
                             Raleigh, NC 

                                       Mr. Jones,  known as Rob to Anita and I.  Rob have been doing our personal and business taxes for over 30 years.  Also, our
                                       consultant for many, many years.  If at any time we would have a question concerning our taxes (Rob had an answer).  Being a 
                                       man of GOD really make a difference and he shares with us also.  We really appreciate your service Rob.

                                       Many Blessings
                   Ernest & Anita Graham
                             Knightdale,  NC 

                                       J. Rob Jones, Spirit Financial has been a friend, tax advisor and tax preparer for our family and business for nearly 30 years.
                                       He started working  with us before our children were born and  now he provides tax service assistance for now adult children.
                                       You will not find a friendlier and more knowledgeable person in his field and we highly recommend his services.

                                       Fred & Jackie McDuffie
                   McDuffie Auto Repair
                             Zebulon,  NC 

                                  J. Rob Jones has been our accountant for over 40 Years.  He is great at his craft, always informative and absolutely  
                                        trustworthy.  He has become  a great friend to us and we are forever grateful for his service!     

                                        Ollie & Debora Bridgers  
                                        Garner, NC

                                 It goes without saying; J. Rob Jones of Spirit Financial has been a real asset to us.  He goes over and  beyond to attend                
                                        to our financial needs.
 He is a dynamic businessman, trusted, knowledably, dedicated, patient and committed to his clients.        
                                        In addition, he is a Spirit Filled Man of GOD which speak volumes  for who he is.  We have  known him personally as a  true     
                                        friend and business consultant for more than 35 years. 

                                        Elijah & Linda  Henry, Sr.
                    E & L Enterprises Inc.  
                                        Lawn Care/Landscaping          
                                        Durham, NC




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