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Tax Consulting

At Spirit Financial, we believe that tax planning should be a priority; when it comes to financial planning. An assessment of tax consequences surrounding a financial decision, so whether it be personal or business, is essential to a successful overall financial plan.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and customer communication.  Our clients also deserve to understand what's happening with their income tax situation.

In addition, we work with our clients to help them prepare for the upcoming year because we understand what is important to document for common  deduction and credits, as well as how any additions or changes to the tax laws that will affect them.

From simple to complicated returns, we research, apply and prepare all client returns with the upmost in due diligence.  Our clients receive the largest possible refund and/or least amount of tax liability the law will allow.

Whether you owe IRS money and are fearful with unfiled returns or if you are expecting a large refund. Our goal is to make the tax preparation experience the simplest and most hassle-free that a client could ever have.  In addition, we have considerable experience IRS Problem Resolution Cases; helping to you to simplify communication process for a more successful outcome.

The New Tax Cuts And Jobs Act

Yes, it was Friday, December 22, 2017 and after many years of debate and much political jockeying; the latest GOP Tax Bill was signed into law.  It’s expected that the effects of the new tax law will be felt immediately.  There are some things you need to know and how you will be affected.

Supposedly, this Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, represent the largest one-time reduction in the corporate tax rate in U.S. History, from 35 percent to 21 percent.  The bill also lowers taxes for the vast majority of Americans, as well as small-business owners, temporaily or at least until the cuts expire after eight years.
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